Zone values changed: Power & Heart Rate Zones have changed. Why?

Heart Rate Zone 5 used to start at 172

Heart rate Zone 5 Used to start at 172 bpm. Power Zone 7 used to be 300+

Each Zone range has changed lower in ratings as of about a month ago.

Might these zones be dictated by setting on my Garmin 830? I've been riding a Wahoo indoor system except for two rides recently.

  • Can't really comment on the HR  value but the change in power zones represents a drop in FTP from 200 to 140.

  • I had two circumstances when my heart rate zone would change, one when their was an update and the other when auto calculate max heart was enabled or something like that. For some unknown reason, despite having it disabled, it could enable itself.

    It used drive me nuts when I was riding along to see that I was in the red zone etc but I only had a heart rate of being in zone 2 or 3.