9.75 Firmware Bug

I installed release 9.75 earlier in the year and noticed that my history totals changed (total kms, hours, etc). Didn't think much

of it until I had to replace my edge 830 after water got into it. In the process of updating the totals.fit file (yes it is possible to

copy old totals to a new device) I found that the value stored in the was correct, but that the Edge 830 was displaying 

the wrong value.

As an example one of my bikes has done 1800hrs:22min:27sec of riding and this also lines up with my activities on Garmin Connect.

The 830 however only shows 607hr:19m:37s. My other bike has done around 57,000km but only shows around 3,700km. The .fit file

is correct when viewed with any of the online tools.

This only seemed to happen when I upgraded to V9.75.  - has anyone else noticed this anomoly?