9.80 update

Since the 9.80 update, the map size is automatically zoomed out.

There was no problem in previous versions, but after the recent update, the map size changes automatically. Is there a way to fix the map size?

  • i think you have the asian version because there is no 9.80fw for international one . and these firmwares are different. so you should ask your question on the asian forum (if it exists, i dont know, ask the Garmin branch in Asia where you purchased your unit)

  • I have seen updates that have changed some settings, check your Auto Zoom is still OFF

    Menu>Settings>Activity Profiles>[Your Profile Name]>Navigation>Map>Auto Zoom>OFF

    Noting that this is a per Profile Setting.

    If that's not it then I don't know.

    Let us know if there are any noticed changes/improvements especially to Sensor disconnections, it's unclear what the Asia 9.80 is intended to "fix", it seemed to be only 530/830 devices