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vo2 max jump with fenix6 + edge830

Some help needed :D

  • I have a fenix6pro since  2022-october
  • I logged all my winter gym training and Zwift training (mostly base HR zone2/3 trainings during winter)
  • I wore always HR strap + powermeter

VO2 max raised from 38 to 40 in 3-5 month.

  • I started to train 1month ago outside , more zone3-4-5 trainings, intervalls,etc.
    Fenix6 is used with power meter + HRM Dual
  • VO2max is up now 40->41

I bought an edge 830, latest firmware, paired all the sensors

  • At first!!! activity "physio trueup" was OFF (not noticed it is off)
  • 60km zone2/3 ride, and Vo2Max is 49
  • I turned on "physio trueup",  sycned, etc.
  • I did a 2nd ride with edge830  (some medium hill climbing) -> Vo2Max is 50

What happend?

  • Fenix 6 is miscalculated my vo2max?
  • Fenix 6 + connect mixed up general vo2max and cycling vo2max?
  • edge 830 is calculates it differently and  49-50 is actually the good value?
  • becase  "physio trueup" was off at first ride, it did not used "history" data during vo2max calculation?
    (Does it use vo2max history data at all in algorythm?)
  • but when it synced, it still calculates 50?
  • Or this difference comes from, that up2now I had different kind of activities and my training status showed the general vo2max,
    and because I do now only ride activities, now my cycling vo2max is represented in the training status?!?
    (probably this is not the case, as connect shows cycling vo2max only for me)
  • should I remove this 2 activity and data and try again with edge830?
  • or start my next activity again on fenix6 as a TEST???

It's just interesting for me.... that this two device calculated two very different data.

The trend is more important for me than the absolute number, but still I am curious.