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GPS firmware update procedure on repeat.

My Edge 830 has started a procedure "Updating GPS firmware" while I am riding. After a while it states "GPS firmware update succesful." During the 3-5 minutes is updates it locks the 830. After update the GPS does not work anymore. I can still access power and HR. If I shut the unit down and on again it will start working until after a while the whole thing starts over. I have tried leaving it but the cycle still comes back again with new updating gps firmware procedures. I have done factory reset twice. I have made sure I was in high speed internet environment so update could be done without interruptions. Started a few weeks ago.

  • Before your next ride, try these steps. This might help get rid of any possible corrupted data stored on the Edge. If the GPS software update issue persists, please contact your local Product Support team for further guidance.

    1. Sync your Edge
    2. Connect the Edge to your computer using the Garmin cable.
    3. Access the device drive (Windows key + E for Windows, Finder > Devices for Mac).
    4. Enter the Garmin folder.
    5. Locate and delete the following folders: NewFiles, RemoteSW
      1. Note we are deleting the folders themselves, not just the contents.
    6. Once those are deleted, empty the trash on your computer.
    7. Safely eject the Edge then disconnect.
    8. Allow the Edge to boot back to the home screen.
    9. Soak GPS - wait 2-5 minutes before starting the activity timer to allow the GPS signals to reacquire.
    10. Test it out.