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Cycling activity not reflected in Training Status until day after

I noticed that all my recent bike rides are not moving the Training Status graph upwards, despite showing up as a recorded activity. It looks like it moves the graph upwards the next day, though I can't be sure since most days I record another activity that's supposed to move the graph up anyway.

This is deeply undermining my confidence in the Training Status feature.

Is there a way to force recalculation of Training Status?

  • Try double syncing the Edge with Connect: Sync prior to your ride and then after. This practice helps to ensure the updated Training Status gets processed through the Edge and pushed to Connect.

  • Hi Amy, thanks for your help. 

    I tried syncing before and after my indoor ride today. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have helped. 

    Screenshots show the load for today’s ride, and the training status graph dipping by the same amount as my rest day yesterday.  

  • Thank you for sharing some of your training reports. Training Load metrics are a slightly different measurement from Training Status and calculates how beneficial that particular workout was in comparison to your training overall. What Is the Training Load Feature on My Garmin Device?  If you are recording your activities from another Garmin (a Forerunner watch for example) check to make sure you have the Physio TrueUp feature toggled on.

    Would be helpful to review some of our online support FAQs on Training Status to make sure your activities are meeting the requirements to update. After the initial week, your training status will update anytime there is a change in your training.

    Since Training Load and Training Status are so individual with many variables, it would be best to reach out to your local Garmin Support team for further assistance.

  • Thanks for your response Amy. The activity is recorded on my Edge 830, where I checked Physio TrueUp is enabled.

    I think this is a straightforward bug. The workout I performed yesterday didn't get reflected on my Training Status graph until the day after. Here's a screenshot taken this morning (no workouts today yet). You can see the graph has gone up for today as a result of the workout yesterday. It should have moved up yesterday instead of today.

  • Thanks for the added bit of information. What is the other device you typically use for the rest of your activities? If it is one that uses Unified Training Status, and you have it set as your Primary Training Device (PTD), your performance metrics must be processed through that device first.
    Next time you record an activity on the Edge 830, try these steps to see if you'll get a quicker update:

    1. Sync your Edge 830 to upload the new activity with Garmin Connect.
    2. Sync your PTD with Connect to load the Unified Training Status metrics.
    3. Sync the Edge 830 again.
  • I have a Forerunner 955 set to Primary Wearable / Primary Training Device. As I was making the observations yesterday, I did confirm the cycling activity recorded on Edge showed up on my Forerunner too. So it wasn't like the PTD never knew of the training session.

    I'll try the steps you suggested next time.

    It's a lot of steps though – given what I observed regarding how the graph used to incorporate training data, I really hope this issue gets fixed soon.