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Edge 830 disorientated at the start of rides.

At the start of routes, my navigation is disorientated. The map doesn't always correlate with the directions given, and it may even think I should be riding on the other side of the road. As if I was in a different country. Any advice appreciated. 

  • When you stop riding is the map also rotating to a different angle ?

  • What maps are you using?  Are you getting GPS lock before starting? What are the routes created in? What country are you in?

  • Thanks for helping. I am creating routes on the Garmin app and syncing over to the edge. I am in England. I'm not sure what GPS lock is? 

  • I don't think so. 

  • GPS lock is when the unit has worked out its location form the GPS signals.  It says GPS ready when it achieves lock and on the map screen the question mark disappears from the location marker.  It is best to wait until this has happened before starting.

  • It is best to wait until this has happened before starting.

    Sometimes it happens within a few seconds, but I've had to wait 5 - 10 minutes quite a few times. The worst case was over 30 minutes, eventually trying reboots- the 10 sec press of the button resulted in a frozen screen, but a 20 second press restarted it with GPS working.  The delay is really annoying when you have limited time for a ride!

    I'm not sure what GPS lock is? 

    Watch the GPS signal strength, ideally you will see 5 bars if you have a clear view of the sky.

  • Are you syncing with Garmin Connect right after you turn the Edge on?  Syncing should download all the latest satellite position data to the Edge to allow a quicker GPS lock.  I always make sure the Edge syncs with GC as soon as I turn it on and I never have to wait longer than about 45 seconds for a GPS lock.

  • The phone BT is on and it syncs automatically every ride, so I assume so, although I don't always watch to see if it is syncing.

    90% of the time it shows 5 bars signal strength in under 10 seconds.

  • There are two things you could be talking about:

    1. Heading (orientation): what direction the unit is pointing at.
    2. Position: what point (coordinates) the unit is located.

    The 830 has a compass, which means it should know where it is pointed (heading) even when stopped. If it doesn’t, try recalibrating the compass. 

    Devices that don’t have compasses need to be moving to determine heading with GPS alone. 

    If the issue is location, it could be a GPS issue or a map issue (hard to say with the information given).

  • It has no GPS signal, so it is just a question mark on the screen as to where it thinks it is, I'm not sure what the compass screen says at the time, but it must be incorrect too, as it doesn't know where it is.