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Trailforks coverage

I have a unit bought in Europe and my trailforks map 2022.20 is not showing my any riding areas in countries starting from Belarus all the way to Japan. I think all of the Asian countries are missing. I read another post here which had the reverse problem and it said the unit was manufactured for Asia.

So trailforks map is not global? Is there a way to download the Asian version of trailforks map for my device? Maybe other people can export it. Is it just an .img file?

  • There was a response to this topic but for some reason it's gone.

    Garmin support simply ignores my quesion so far. First line support can't say anything. I was able to convince them to contact the engineers but I got no response for 2 months. The trailforks map had an update in these 2 months but the coverage is still the same for me. Can anyone at least check their coverage? Trailforks icons appear on the map when you zoom in to 12 km I believe. You can just check some popular areas in Asia and Europe to check if the coverage is really split into to regions and not really worldwide as stated.