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battery problem after installing 9.75


I've installed the last version of Edge 830 (9.75) and had battery problem after that.

After installation, my battery icon is presented with 0%. I already tryed to charge several hours, and battery still indicates 0%.

It was happen immediatelly after installing 9.75 version.

  • Always worth doing a hard reset after a fw update. With the unit on..hold the power button down continually until the unit turns off...then turn it on again...hard reset done.

  • I agree with 's suggestion with applying a hard reset then see if it will charge. You might also want to try multiple power sources and different cables if you haven't already as well.

    If you're still having an issue with your Edge 830, then reach out to your local Product Support team for further assistance.

  • This seems not to be a general issue. It reminded me directly after a ride and did the install not to be bothered by reminder anymore.
    After that I connected it to my computer to transfer the ride data and charge. Disconnected after and switched it off.
    I just checked after I read this here and found no issues. Just 1% lost.
    So I would recommend as well you try a hard reset.

  • Hi! 

    I've already tryed several hard resets, but appear that it's not charging. 

    I lefted it on expecting to end battery, in order to do a full charge. But now, it doesn't charge.

    I'm using original cable. I use to charge on PC, but already tryed to charge on my cellphone charger and other charges at my house.

    Unfortunatelly I'm at Brazil and my garmin was bought at USA. probably the support on Brazil only works for products bought here.

    When I have done the update to version 9.75, my battery was upper than 60%. when the update was finished, the edge 830 battery indicator appeared 24% everytime I tryed to charge. but as soon as I disconnected the cable, the edge showed 0% of battery. but in reallity, there was battery. I used for more than 2 hours, showing 0%.

  • to confirm, you've applied a hard reset on your Edge by pressing and holding the power button for up to 30 seconds? If that doesn't resolve the issue, you can contact the support team for your region for further assistance: Brasil. 08000475016