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Edge 830 has correct distance but map starts 2.5 miles into ride so I am not getting segments correct.

Elevation and miles are correct but mapped segment starts late. Confused, I bought Garmin for accuracy but it appears the strava phone app is better and more accurate.

  • Do you mean the recorded track log starts 2.5 miles into the ride?  Are you making sure you have GPS lock before starting your ride?  Are you pressing the start button when you start your ride to start recording?

    • Exact same problem here on my edge 830. Factory reset twice did not help. I verify GPS signal is acquired before starting but that didn’t help either. Distance, times and altitude seem correct but the map is missing the first few miles every ride. My edge 520, which my riding partner is using , still works perfectly . Very frustrating….
  • Where are you viewing the route? Is the reported distance missing the 2.5 miles or is is that when viewing the ride the path does not show on the map?