Problem with ConnectIQ Data Fields

Hello Garmin Connect IQ

When I try to add particular ConnectIQ data field (to have 3 in total) on a different data screen, one of those is being displayed as icon (either V+ for eGear+ or as IQ icon for linePowerCurve).

Is there any limit on Edge 830 (fw 9.7.3) how many ConnectIQ data fields I can have configured?

I have more than 2GB free space on the device, I removed all history rides as well as saved courses off the device.

I did not attempt to reset to factory settings as this would remove any odometer values for my 2 bikes and I do not know how this can set (Edit Edge Data app on mac does not work for me).

One of data screens where 2 out of wanted 3 CIQ datafields are placed on data screen (here eGEAR+ and VehicleCount(=My Bike Radar Traffic).

But when I add another datascreen with data field called livePowerCurve (looks like this when working) ->

then this eGEAR+ data field changes icon to V+ ->

Any idea where the problem could be? I'd like to have all 3 working.

eGear+ counts front and rear shifts, VehicleCount counts total cars or any detected objects coming from back when riding and livePowerCurve shows nice stats about wattage I pedal...

Thanks to anyone!