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Incident detection goes off multiple times when riding in the rain

The incident detection in my Edge 830 goes off at almost every set of traffic lights or t intersection stop on my ride to work whenever it is raining, even light rain, but never goes off when riding in dry conditions.  Is there someway to adjust the sensitivity of it and make it usable?  Doubly problematic because if it is raining, the touch screen can be harder to trigger to cancel the alarm and a couple of times it has sent my wife "crash alarms"

  • I had it happen a few times this winter when lumpy snow fell on the screen....which also either changed the screen or the data layout.
    I now lock the touch screen and none of those issues have happened for me.
    But....I did lean my bike against a tree to pick up a large branch and the bike fell over into deep snow. It set off the detection....and it took a few tries to shut it off with the snowy/wet screen.

  • Another rainy day, rode home and as I stopped in the carport the "incident detection" decided I'd crashed and entered its count-down timer. Added stupidity, I'd earlier pressed the screen lock button because the rain kept triggering random screen presses and changing modes, so with the screen locked YOU CANNOT CANCEL THE INCIDENT DETECTION.  Pulled out my phone to try and cancel it there, but of course with wet hands I couldn't unlock the phone in time, so yet  again, SMS sent to spouse that I'd crashed.

    Near useless, "incident detection" that false alarms every time it rains, which of course is the weather when you're more likely to crash due to wet roads or bad visibility

  • Good to know it is still useless. I disabled it some time ago. Randomly scaring the wife was not helpful.

  • Incident detection was going off repeatedly on this mornings wet ride.  The vibration from the wet disks was setting it off when coming to a stop.  On reading all the feedback about this (and seemingly little action on this) here are some request for improvements that might help:

    1. Ability to set Incident detection deactivation time.  30 seconds is not enough to pull over safely, access phone, unlock, find Garmin app and turn off.   having this configurable from say 30 to 120 seconds would give enough time to turn off.  
    2. Ability to turn off alarm from Garmin without accessing phone.  This perhaps could require multiple button presses to avoid false turn off but at least this would avoid having to access phone in a hurry and trying to access the Garmin app 
    3. Ability to learn from false alarm activations to prevent same triggers, that is wet disk vibration vs actual crash should have very different signatures
  • I've given up on it completely.  Totally useless.  On a ride on Saturday it went off twice.  The first time was half a minute AFTER I stopped, powered it off, walked into a cafe.  Ran outside to turn it back on to cancel, of course the cancel button doesn't appear.  Tried to unlock my phone but my hands were wet, so off goes another emergency SMS to my wife.  Then an hour or so later, riding along fairly smoothly up a climb in the rain, off it goes again.  Once again, wet hands mean the touchscreen won't accept the cancel.

    There was _one_ time about a year ago when I fell off, came down in some soft sand and lay there, half-winded, looking at it, willing the damn thing to actually notice that I'd crashed.  Of course it didn't notice that time.

    Completely useless feature that has never worked as far as I can tell