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Incorrect elevation Gain / Elevation

Hey guys, how are you?

need a little help, i have a garmin edge 830 that always has the wrong altitude gain.
On the end of a ride i have like 500meters of altitude gain and i know thats wrong, people that went in the ride with me have +1000m.

Also, when i upload the ride to strava and i correct the altitude sometimes i go from values around 500m to 1200m/1300m (in strava).

So this is a huge difference.
Also, when i am riding ... there are roads that i see ithat i am climbing (something like 1%~3%) ... soft climbs, and on garmin i see that the gradient is 0% or -1% .. something like that. it's never correct. However the distance/speed of the ride is good and correct.

Trying to solve it i set the elevation of the GPS a few times manually .. but it doesnt seem to correct this issue.

Any ideas on what i can do?

  • Your local support team will be able to gather further information from you and offer troubleshooting. If a replacement is necessary, they will be able to assist with this as we cannot offer that through the forums.

  • I have the exact same issue. Contacted the Support team and recommended me the following. I have not tried it yet. Hope it helps you.

    ========= Garmin tech support advice ===========

    I suspect that the device has some data corruption causing this issue. Either from a bad ride file or a bad course file. *Note that all rides synced to your account will remain in your Connect account. Here are the steps to remove possible data corruption:

    Connect your device to the computer using the Garmin data cable (reads “Garmin” on the cable):

    1. Access the device drive (Windows Key + E for Windows, Finder > Devices for Mac)

    2. Enter the Garmin folder

    3. Locate and delete the following folders - Activities, Courses, New Files, RemoteSW, Workouts

    4. Note that we are deleting the folders themselves, not just the contents

    5. Once that's done, empty the trash on your computer

    6. Safely eject the device from the computer and then disconnect

    7. Press and hold the power key until the device powers off on its own, then restart

    8. Test. Take it for a ride.

  • Same issue here on the 1040 solar

  • Don’t suppose the garmin support reply resolved the issue?

  • This might be the one thing I have yet to try. Nothing makes me more crazy than either climbing or descending and having the 830 show me doing the opposite, usually wildly, such as riding up maybe a 5 percent grade to see that the 830 says I'm descending at -16 percent or some such craziness, I can tell the difference between up and down, but it seems my Garmin can't. Fingers  crossed.

  • Bonjour, avez-vous essayé cette procédure ? Si oui, est-ce que cela a fonctionné ? Merci.

  • Bonjour, avez-vous essayé cette procédure ? Si oui, est-ce que ça a fonctionné ? Merci.

  • Bonjour, avez-vous essayé cette procédure ? Si oui, est-ce que ça a fonctionné ? Merci.

  • Look in this forum (not only the 830) topics on the influence of water (rain, sweat) on erroneous altitude/slope/altitude gain reading and dry the barometer port of your Edge thoroughly.

  • Ok, merci pour l'info. Je vais parcourir les autres sujets sur l'influence de l'eau...

    Je n'arrive pas à savoir où se trouve le port baromètre du 830, savez-vous où il est ? (il me semble avoir lu que c'était vers le port usb mais je ne vois pas de petit trou).

    Enfin, comment le sécher ? Avec la soufflette d'un compresseur ?

    Merci d'avance