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830 Edge blank screen - it will not come back to life

I purchased my Garmin 830 Edge in April of 2020 and have been keeping up with all of the upgrade.  That said several weeks ago the unit would not power up and us gives me a blank screen not matter how many times I've rebooted it.  I've tried your reset procedures on-line and still nothing.  

How do you suggest I try and bring this back to life?  What is the warranty period on this unit?  

I loved using the 830 and worked perfectly with my bike until it didn't.   Again how do you suggest I bring this back to life?  From time it looks like it wants to boot but then it either goes blank or the screen turns white and that all she wrote.  Need your help as there is allot of fall riding to be done!

Thanks, look forward to your response!!!

  • 2 years warranty here in the UK. You'll need your receipt though.

  • I have had a similar problem. The warranty expired last August so Garmin will supply a 'recertified' model i.e. one returned for repair and fixed with a 90 day warranty for £125. A replacement costing 40% of the new price comes with a warranty that only last 12.5% as long. Maybe I have been unlucky, but this is disappointing service. I was going to buy one of their smartwatches, but not if it is likely to have such a short lifespan.