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Training plan not updating on Edge 830

I am 7 weeks into a 16 week Garmin training plan.  For most of that time I've had no issue at all (apart from the lack of power-matching between my Vector 3 pedals and my trainer).  I've made minor changes to various workouts during that time and everything was syncing up nicely.

As of this week, though, changes to a workout were not showing up in the plan on the 830, despite correctly showing on the Garmin Connect web and the mobile app.  Editing the workout on either of those two platforms sees them sync with each other but not the Edge.  Instead, customised workouts are being pushed to the Edge as standalone workouts, leaving the plan unchanged, but showing up under the Workouts folder.

The only fix I've found so far is to plug the Edge into a computer, delete the .fit files in Garmin > Workouts > Schedule, and then sync.  This works once, but any other edit to a workout subsequently fails to sync, requiring deleting the files again and re-syncing.

I'm unsure if this started happening only after the latest firmware update, as I don't edit the workouts every week.

  • Same issue here now. Only seems to have been an issue for me since the latest Edge update.

    My TrainingPeaks are showing in Garmin Connect but not pushing down onto the Edge device. Very frustrating as worked spot on previously!

    Any advice?

  • Same issue here, with a 530. Did you find a solution ?

  • I had to make sure it was running the latest firmware several times then in updated and has been fine since...

  • I was wearing my Forerunner 245 watch. Too bad Garmin can't automatically merge the HR data from the watch with the activity on Edge.

    I know I should've just broadcasted the HR from my watch to Edge but I find it unreliable and was lazy to do it.

  • I am new to using the Training Plans on the Edge 830, and experiencing the same issues:

    • Changes to Training Plan are not being replicated to the Edge 830
    • Plan shows correctly in Garmin Connect web and Garmin Connect app (Android)
    • Plan shows correctly in Fenix 7
    • Plan showing correctly in Microsoft 365 calendar.

    Was this issue resolved?

    Am I doing something wrong, or missing a step to fix this?  Thanks

  • workouts and workout updates are typically sent to your Edge after a successful sync. If you typically sync your Edge from the Garmin Connect mobile app but are not seeing updates to your workouts you can follow the troubleshooting steps in Garmin Connect App Bluetooth Troubleshooting or sync your Edge via Garmin Express.
    If you're still having issues with your courses not updating please contact your local Garmin Support team.

  • Well, I had same issue. Basically my setup included pairings with Strava and Training Peaks (TP).

    Before I started Training Plans made by Garmin I used to work with TP. Calendars were synced correctly. e.g., when I created workout for "a day" in TP, it was synced to Edge 830 and was suggested as a training for "a given day". Therefore I say - it just works.

    Problems arose while creating Training Plan in Garmin Connect (Mobile App). Calendars are synced between Mobile App and Garmin Connect Website correctly but Edge 830 Calendar remains out of sync. Despite restarts, synchronizations, being connected to WiFi and w/o such connection (paired Edge 830 over Bluetooth with Mobile Device) nothing was able to sync Edge calendar with Garmin Connect. 

    With the description above, Garmin developers may now try to reproduce this issue because its purely software problem and here is why

    At the point in time where Garmin Training Plan is active but is not synced to Edge 830, What I did is - I create a dummy workout in Training Peaks Calendar!
    This triggers Edge's Calendar synchronization process and Garmin's Training Plan was synced to Edge 830 Calendar.

    Edge 830 SW version: 9.75

    Now. Go Developers and Testers :-)

  • I sync my Edge 830 often, and do not have any Bluetooth or Wireless connectivity issues. This is a software sync issue, and I think it is related to the number of workouts in a Training Plan combined with the length (duration) of your Training Plan. Garmin Connect only syncs a limited time period to your device. In addition, there are storage limits on the different devices. As such, the initial sync gets as much data as Garmin constraints allow. When you pass those constraints (e.g. if limit is 28 days, on day 29, you need to sync the next 4 weeks in your plan.

    Here's what I did to get around it and get the Training Plan to sync:

    1. Make a change to your Training Plan near the end of the original downloaded data. In my case, I added a Workout on a day with a Training Plan workout (and did not associate the new Workout with the Training Plan).
    2. Synchronize your Edge device
    3. Go back in and delete the dummy workout after, and sync again.

    This got my Training Plan synchronized for the remaining duration.

  • Just got exactly the same problem with syncing on my Edge 840. Instead of my Training Plan it showed a jumble of trainings spread through the right days. Some of the trainings were empty. The Training Plan was correct at Garmin Connect and at Instinct 2s. No amount of syncing and restarting worked to solve the issue

    Jay D workaround worked! I added a dummy workout to the calendar on tomorrow. Didn't even associate it with the Training Plan. Synchronized and it worked. I deleted the workout afterwards.

    So! You still have some issue with this in Garmin app.

    Device: Edge 840, software version: 9.29

  • JayD’s fix worked for me.