Device won't turn on, won't reset

After updating my Garmin Edge 830 to 6.20, went for a ride, everything looked fine. Went for a ride, charged via power/usb and noticed the device would not turn off. The screen was on though blank, as if just backlit. The device was getting very hot. I unplugged the device from charging, now It will not turn on. The screen is always blank, whether charging or not. I notice no thermal change to the device when plugged in for charging.

This is very frustrating, my Edge 830 is now basically a brick.

Has anybody else had this issue? Any possible solutions?

  • I'm having the same issue since this morning. It won't turn on anymore. Nor does it give any response when trying to charge it. Running 6.20 as well

    Edit: I somehow managed to get it working again. I held the powerbutton for 30 seconds and then short pressed it again and it started booting! Slight smile

  • Exactly the same thing has happened to me today. Tried to switch my unit on, but no response. Plugged it in to charge and no response. Left it charging for an hour and the unit felt hot, but still no response. Tried holding power button on for 30 seconds, nothing. Tried 30 seconds and then short on as mentioned, but still no response. Unit is just over 2 months old and hardly used. I have auto updates via wiFi so not sure if it did update to a new software version the last time I had it on, but assume it did.

  • Mine did the same on the first charge I think - that is, got hot. Now it just does nothing whether plugged in or not.

  • I have an Edge 830 bought brand ne on 12/23/2019, ir has worked fine until a couple of rides ago, the first failure was that it locked up and would not start, that seemed to be fixed by pressing the Power button for 15 seconds and it worked fine for a while, I keep it plugged in to my Mac for charging and downloading ride data, then last Friday I noticed that while being plugged in to the Mac  there was some activity recorded, I deleted it and the 830 turned OFF, and afterwards I could not turn it back ON. When I returned from my ride, recorded on STRAVA via my iPhone, I contacted Garmin, chatted for 2 hours with Nicholas and he asked me to try the unplugging and plugging and pressiing the Power button quickly and the for 10seconds, and then for more than a minute and nothing worked, then he tells me that leaving the unit plugged into the Mac depletes the battery, that is not acceptable for a unit less than 2years old, and that I should send it back after paying Garmin $140.00 to be replaced with a refurbished on and that is not acceptable to me either. I will try speaking to someone at Garmin to see if I can get a new 830 for the $140.

  • I have not had this happen in a long time, but I think that the garmin crashes when it's shutting down and never actually shuts down. Holding down the power button long enough must trip some hardware watchdog that forces a restart.

  • Have had the same problem. So far my universal solution is hold the Power Button for 15-30 seconds, or until Garmin flashes on the screen. Then release the button for a couple seconds and press it once again. Unless the unit has some other issue, it should start up normally. Having to do this remains a work-around for a fundamentally flawed start-up routine in search of a more permanent Garmin bug fix.

  • I have the same problem. After reset the edge 830 won't start. Sometimes it randomly starts again. Even plug in a power doesn't show up.

    This is very annoying

    Any help would be helpful

  • A wonder happened. The Edge has come alive after a good night sleep. I did a reset on the device. Removed all data and did the same in the phone. It looks like it is working again. My question is why is there no reset possible by using the buttons so that all data is erased.

  • This seems to have worked for me, holding the start button for 15-30 seconds until it comes on while plugged into my computer and "recharging" from 85%.  This has never happened before - its only about 2 years old!!

  • So has my unit. Dead as a brick. I must be honest, if I cant get this to work I wont be buying Garmin again. Strava on my phone works just as good and the PC software is much much easier to use.