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workout targets...

Why there's no possibility to import / create training with two targets?
Power/HR + cadence should be a basic options like in Training Peaks.
Isn't Edge positioned as training device?

Second thing is target as %FTP.
Or maybe that's working but I can't see?

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  • I totally agree.

    Wahoo has this feature.

    Even Karoo has.

    It is a shame Garmin doesn't.

  • Garmin Connect supports primary and secondary targets for custom workouts:   

  • I know Connect has the possibility. Everything is useless if I can't see the secondary target while riding!!

  • Another vote for this, for what it's worth....

    Really can't understand why this is missing for the API.

    I'm not a fan of the limited data you get on the Edge 530 workout screen so have been working on my own data fields but really would like to include the secondary target details.

    I get target as %FTP but I'd like to convert this into actual power. However there seems to be no way to pull FTP from the user profile either, so I'm struggling to create what should be essential training fields..

    It seems very bizarre to me these obvious fields are missing...

  • Hi,

    As mentioned in the above, post. I was after the exact same thing, and in the end,I ended up writting my own data field for the Edge devices to do exactly this.

    It displays both the primary and secondary targets, and displays both the current values and the average values for current step.

    Along with this, it also shows you what the next step is, so you can be ready for the next effort.

    The only thing is, that because Garmin have not provided the secondary step information in the API, you do have to add a short entry in the notes field of the step to describe the secondary objective. (i.e. Sec:0080:0100:RPM )

    As you have to add text to the workout notes, I don't think it will work with workouts that are sync'd via other apps such as Training Peaks, but works perfectly well with workouts created in Garmin Connect.

    Please try the 'Training Edge' data field that you can install from Connect IQ Store. Make sure you read all of the description to understand the syntax to use when adding the step info to the notes section.

    Hopefully this will provide what you are looking for.