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Is it possible to load old activities from Garmin Connect to a new 830?

I just got the 830 and was wondering if there is a way to load all of my activities stored in Garmin Connect to the device.  I'd like to have all of that data available (including routes), if possible.

  • Why would you need previous activities on the new device?  Do you have your routes saved somewhere?  If so just copy them into the new files folder on the device.  If you you don't I would be creating them (from previous activities if needs be), saving them somewhere and putting them on the new device.  You can convert recorded rides to routes in Garmin Connect or with third parties such as Ride with GPS.

  • Simple.  You can pair your Garmin Edge 830 to a Wahoo Trainer.  Then you can pair the old event and re-ride the outside event.