Track color


Into the last update Beta 5.24 there is "Added the ability to customize the activity track color on the map", is this like it was on the Edge 750 ? It was possible to replace the magenta with another color, I love that, if it is possible how do we do that, can not found the way ...

  • a) Color for your active track: Go to the desired profile (i.e. MTB) --> Navigation --> Map --> Choose track color on map

    b) Color for a stored track: Navigation --> Tracks --> Stored tracks --> <choose one of your tracks> --> Settings --> Color

    Wording for the menu items may slightly differ since I am using german language settings (sorry).

  • Thats what I have done but the track stay magenta ... in fact the select color is under the trace , with the 750 the choice color was displayed when I was following the route.
    Like I see it now, nothing is new, before the update there was already the possibility to change the color and always display the route on the map.

  • I didn't recall the 705 ( I think that is the model you are referring to and not 750), being able to change the color when riding a route. I managed to find my trusty 705 in my massive pile of old bike stuff and fired it up. Like you said,the color of the route can be changed for the option to have it always displayed on the map but as soon as you start riding the route the color is definitely magenta. The 830 and 1030 have the same feature. I don't know if the new firmware will change this behavior but it sounds like it might.

  • You are right, it was the 705, but you are wrong, the color that is choice stay all the ride (for example green), I still have one that’s works perfectly.

    And I also think (hope) that something is changed with the update, but how?

  • Yes, we need: "Added the ability to customize the routing track color on the map." 


    Possible can tell this the develop Team and product Manager.


    We ask many years (starting with Edge 1000 i think) for this feature, but garmin not hear.

  • Strange and interesting.Perhaps you can take a photo of the screen in navigation mode. How are you looking at the colored track? Do you mean when you go to map setup and check show on map and you can pick a color? Yes, that color shows on the map screen and you can simply follow that route. But, if you want to navigate with turn by turn, that color that you picked has a magenta track over it. I just changed the color on a route and started navigating and the magenta is there. I rode with the 705 for 20,000 miles and I never liked the magenta. Doesn't matter much now.

  • I do not found my old 705 anymore, but trust me it was like I tell you, I am for 99% sure

    Anyway, why do they mention it, if nothing change ?? The option permanently on the map with a specific color exist since the 830 (and 800, 810, 820, 1000 etc) exist.

  • I think we are talking about two different things. As I said, the color while navigating is magenta.  You are talking about the color of the route on the map while not navigating.I still use the 705 occasionally. Great computer but the screen is too small. I was just curious because I thought you might have found a way to change the route color while navigating. I hope the new track color feature for the 830 and 1030 works out.

  • The track is the bread crumbs - that means the path/track that you have travelled. So that color can be changed - but the route color is still magenta.

    The route color has always been magenta for all garmins - so i don't know if it's a lucky color for some executive or for some reason they believe magenta is the better route color. All it takes is 1 minute for someone to ride around on a sunny day with sunglasses to find out that magenta is too similar to the red/brown surrounding roads. Cannot differentiate which is route and normal roads.

  • And with the Edge 800 you could change this magenta color when i remeber right. Starting with Edge 1000 changing magenta was not possible. And many user ask garmin for that feature, but they not hear to user.