ClimbPro algorithm needs work

Others might love it, but I’m not enjoying ClimbPro as it is. Even with V 5.00 set to ‘Only Large Climbs’ (Profile>Data Screens>ClimbPro>Climb Detection), the algorithm often doesn't 'get' what a climb actually is.  It starts many climbs much too soon and ends them much too late which makes the average grade and remaining grade shown on the device misleading.  I'm using the device on road.


  1. The minimum 3% average grade is too low as one of the rules for detecting a climb for this road rider, no matter how long the climb is. Make it 3% if you must for ‘Show All Climbs’, but make it 4% for ‘Medium to Large Climbs’ and 5% for ‘Only Large Climbs’. 
  1. Often the start of a ClimbPro climb is a long way before what any rider bothering with an Edge device would consider the true start of a climb. On a climb near me, ClimbPro launches it's page and gives me a ‘GO!’ when I’m actually descending!  Then there is what is nothing more than a false flat (until I looked, I thought it was flat) and after about 1.5k the climb proper begins.  It would be much better (esp if ‘Only Large Climbs’ is selected) if ClimbPro did not start a climb until the grade was at least 4%. The lead in 0-3% to climbs (green) should not appear.  Give me the ‘GO!’ when the road kicks up over 4% but not before. 
  1. Often the end of a ClimbPro climb is a long way after what any road rider with an Edge device would consider the true the true top/KOM of a climb. After a gut busting KOM point, ClimbPro will continue the climb even through a descent then rolling grades.  ClimbPro should end a climb as soon as actual grade drops to zero and should not continue a climb through a flat (0-3%) for longer than a few meters or a descent unless the flat/descent is followed by another climb of at least 4% within perhaps 300m for a 1.5k climb increasing to perhaps 1.5k for a 15k climb (sliding scale).  The remaining 0-3% after the top of a climb (green) should not appear. 

I know Garmin can't please all the people all the time but some algorithm tweaking would be good.

PS Really loving the 830 overall and appreciate improvements appearing in firmware updates including the Max HR autodetect bug fix and ability to choose a default sort setting for saved courses.  Distance to Start works best for me..  A few niggles to go so keep at it Garmin. 

  • The experience of using ClimbPro is driven by the quality of the elevation data that it has to work with. If it is possible take one of your rides that you have used ClimbPro on before and using the actual activity data convert that to course and then load it. See if the the data about the climbs changes from that given when loading the planned course. If possible ride some of these climbs using the course generated from the activity data and see if what ClimbPro reports is closer to what you would expect.

    I have found that using different planning sites can give some very different results for the same course based either on the DEM data they use or how they interpolate the data.