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New Edge 830 Public Beta 4.19 Now Available

A new Beta software for the Edge 830 has been released. Full change log, instructions, and software for installing the beta can be found here.

  • For any issues that you encounter please fill out the form included in the download and attach it to an email to [email protected]. Please note that you may not get a response to the email unless we need more information on the issue you report.
  • Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.

Changes made from version 4.10 to 4.19:

  • Added support for Connect IQ 3.1.
  • Added support to control Garmin inReach remotely.
  • Made improvements to the indoor cycling user experience. 
    - Improved smart trainer discovery and initial setup experience when using an Indoor activity profile. 
    - Improved the Follow Course experience by enabling UI (map, ClimbPro, Elevation, etc) and data recording from the simulated course. 
    - Made improvements to smart trainer sensor calibration.
  • Made improvements to Workout user experience. 
    - Added FTP line to workout comparison displays. 
    - Allowed graphical workout data fields to be configured on regular data screens. 
    - Improved the display for open steps on the workout comparison graph.
  • Made improvements to the ClimbPro user experience. 
    - Made ClimbPro available for navigation to a location and for round-trip courses. 
    - Added a setting in the ClimbPro data screen setup to specify which climbs should be detected (All, Medium/Large, Large Only). 
    - Removed the ClimbPro page from the timer loop if there are no climbs left in the ride.
  • Made improvements to the Segment user experience. 
    - Fixed an issue where segments with slashes in the name would not be processed and would create subfolders on the file system. 
    - Fixed an issue where the segment leader could get reset during a sync. 
    - Added setting in the Segments menu to set a Default Leader Priority, which allows the user to set a default leader to apply to all segments.
  • Added pressure filter in order to improve elevation recording.
  • Improved Firstbeat heat acclimation by utilizing weather forecasts.
  • Added ability to render Hebrew text for incoming smart notifications. This requires additional font files. Follow instructions on separate forum post.
  • Fixed issues with the map zoom level not being set correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Battery Save Mode could stop working mid-ride.
  • Added jump prompts for each jump in cases where there are multiple jumps in a row.
  • Fixed issues with the heart rate graph data field.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Auto Detect Max HR to always be enabled.
  • Improved the y-scaling on the elevation profile.
  • Added directional arrows for round trip courses.
  • Fixed cosmetic issues with Extended Display mode.
  • Added additional info to the nutrition/hydration settings page.
  • Turned backlight on when the user laps or there is an autolap during an activity.
  • Automatically sized the text in the elevation data field.
  • Improved overall device stability by fixing crashes and freezes.
  • Looks great but what about the GPS/reception issues I and others have reported??

  • We are still working on a resolution for that reported problem.

  • Finally you have worked on workout page...

  • I don't see anything about BT connectivity issues, Live Track issues, or the above-mentioned GPS reception issues. Probably the top 3 topics discussed in the various threads surrounding the 830/530. Hopefully they're in the works

  • Installed this version today, hoping it would cure the sporadic freezing I'm experiencing. 

    Unfortunately the freezing is still there and worse on the map screen, where you can't scroll around now in the map, it just keeps springing back, very frustrating!

  • "Allowed graphical workout data fields to be configured on regular data screens." Missing the workout step graphic

  • Please disable the constant promting for "Connect to indoortrainer"... It totally annoying it pops everytime the Edge is turned on and sees my NEO2T. However I don't want my Edge to control my NEO. Zwift or Taxc Desktop App does that much better. But declining the prompt just makes it pop up again everythe time I turn on my 830. 

    Very annoying

  • Can we change track colour in this update? Can explain why Garmin not allows to do that ?

  • Good work Garmin.

    Leader priority on Strava was much needed. Will be testing today. Garmin-Matthew is the segments widget now working ? Previously it didn`t show nearby segments. And last bit related to segments - are segments shown properly in Stava Routes IQ app. Last time I`ve checked they were either incorrectly calculated in "time ahead/behind" or didn`t show at all.

    ClimbPro tune up very good. Feature is perfect for me.

    But as others noted please resolve BT connectivity. It`s driving me mad. On several days after setting it up everyhting is fine, then I have to do it from scratch as unit is not linked. GPS accuracy is good for me but sometimes signal is lost without visible obstacles. This is really strange as FR945 which has the same chipset is doing excelent job both in term of signal stability (good even in deep forest, mountains) and accuracy. Same for BT connection which on FR945 is rock solid.

  • I installed the beta, but my 830 restarts continuously!