iPhone 11 Pro + io13.1 unable to connect (successfull)

Upgraded my iPhone to IOS 13 and now I can't connect my Edge 830. My Garmin 935 has no problems.

Tried everything.

- Removing the app

- latest software (4.10) on Garmin

- Delete device from Bluetooth settings 

After selecting the accessory and confirming the BT pairing code the connecting process fails:

"Couldn't connect to your Edge 830. It los like something went wrong during setup"

I tried it  few times times and always the same issue....

Should i wait/hope for a new software version? Or is this a known problem and is there a fix for.

Update 25/9/2019:

upgraded from 13 to 13.1, still no success.

I have an iphone 11 Pro

iphone X + ios 12 with a fresh garmin connect app works perfect..

Update 1/10/2019

- connected garmin to an iphone X (ios 12)

- recorded an activity

- synced the activity to Garmin connect via the phone X

- removed the iphone X connection from the Garmin

- set up a new connection between iphone 11 Pr (ios13.1) with garmin

---> successfull. (or lucky)