How do I set different bicycle profiles on the 830? It was easy on the 800.

I am considering updating to the Edge 830 from the Edge 800. I ride several bikes and have the profiles loaded on my Garmin 800. Does the 830 have ability to recognize several bikes?

  • Sadly not in the same way as my old 810.

    However at least I don't get the problem of forgetting to switch to the right bike profile and missing sensor metrics

  • It does not recognize bikes.  You set up different activity profiles, each with maps, custom number of data pages, custom fields, etc.  You then select the desired activity profile for your ride.  Sensors are paired separately and the unit will use whatever senors are active when it boots up or when the sensors wake up.   I have two road profiles, two mtb profiles, and a trainer profile. All have different power meters and different speed/cadence sensing. I have several HRMs and it will us whichever is active.

    You cannot move activity profiles between different models of Edges. 

  • I have four activity profiles for four different bikes, and I've named them as the bikes that I ride that for that profile.  So when I hop on a bike, I just select that bike's activity profile.  It essentially works the same as a bike profile.