830 and indoor training (courses)

Hello everyone.
I could really use some help to use my 830 in combination with my indoor trainer.
I paired my 830 with my trainer and it works fine looking at the fact that I am able to adjust the resistance on my 830 and as a consequence the trainer adjusts the resistance. So no problem there.

Now, according to the manual it should be possible to ride a course on your indoor trainer. My expectation is that I virtually then follow the course and the resistance is adjusted based on the elevation in the course.
But if I select the option to ride a course I get the question if I want to be guided to the starting point of the course. No matter what I select, yes or no, or no matter how long I ride, my location on the map doesn’t change and I never get on my course.
What can be the problem? Any idea?

Thanks in advance!