signal dropouts with all my sensors


I have got edge 830 for around 2 months and i can see that during my rides (4iiii dual sided and stages 2nd gen) and training on turbo (tacx neo) the signal drops out veery often especially on turbo it is unusable at all. It goes off for 10 seconds (for example on power meter the signal slowly starts to decline to 0w and also cadence at the same time and then after 10s starts to climb up slowly e.g. like 3-4s) so this skews the avgs quite a bit and it is very very annoying. I am quite frustrated because before i have owned edge 820 for some time and it was the same. While having edge 810 was no issue same with wahoo elemnt as far as i remember.

Why cant you guys make working devices is beyond me!

on the side note i had suunto ant+ usb and connecting with turbo worked super fine and when got broken had to get another ant+ and do you know what i got garmin ant+ usb stick and guess what? i have to place laptop straight next to my turbo in order not to occasionaly drop the signal. Maaan you garmin you have created the protocol and yet your competitors make better hardware shame on you! really!

Any chance of connecting my powermeters and FE-C through bluetooth as it should be possible by the specs sheet but i dont know how.

My blood is boiling at this stage!