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Where does hydration/nutrition info go after it is entered?

After long rides the 830 has me put in how many water bottles I drank and how many calories I consumed. Where does this information go? Is it displayed somewhere or used for any recovery statistic? I put it in, but don't know what happens then.

Also, with acclimation, I get a message like today that I was 73% heat acclimated, and there is a message that I can look at some widget to see more information, but I cannot find where that is after I click out of the screen. Where can I look at more details about this?


  • The hydration/nutrition is written in to the activity file and can be viewed in Garmin Connect.

    Acclimatization is available under my stats-> training status if you step through all the pages

  • Ahh, interesting, I have found everything now on the Garmin Connect website. Thanks for the tip.

  • Hello, 

    I have 30 ride files with my garmin 830 and garmin vector 3 pedals. 12 out of 30 files have data dropouts, or data with straight lines. This is beyond a grievance. I updated my garmin immediately after buying it, forgot the original version software number, but have updated twice in the last 40 days. I also troubleshot the pedals with baby oil (lol >1k product needs baby oil to improve function) which has not improved a thing. I have calibrated and re-calibrated and I am about to the point of never buying another garmin product again, for life.

    To rectify this problem you can replace my pedals and my headunit. In return, you can have my data files to improve your product for other users.

    I also took a picture of a post ride message on my garmin edge 830 that said I lost 87.3 bottles of fluids on a ride where I burned 267 calories.

  • Surely you meant to start a new thread rather than reply to aweatherall's post? Anyway, I can't speak for the pedals but in terms of the fluid bottles - you can set the volume of a bottle under settings, is there any way your bottle size is/was set to something tiny accounting for the crazy bottle count on fluid loss?

  • You should contact Garmin at their 1-800 number on the pedals, they have been very helpful getting mine working right and they are easy to get a hold of if you call them in the last half of the week.  Monday's there can be quite a backlog wait time