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Is there a way to disable automatic download update?

Been running 3.20 since day1, and haven't had any problems so never wanted to update to 3.50. However, the update was automatically downloaded through WiFi and I have to constantly choose 'remind later' to reject the update. Is there a way to stop it downloading the updates automatically?

  • Not really unless you switch off the WifI and don't connected to the phone and never use Garmin Express.

    There are a host of fixes in the beta release 3.55 that I would recommend upgrading to it.

  • Thanks for the reply. I can easily do without ever connecting to garmin express, but NOT uploading activities through wifi is too big a feature to miss. That's why I believe being able to choose not to automatically download software updates while connected to wifi will be a good feature to have. Version 3.20 has been working flawlessly for me so I really see no reason to update and risk having to go through any possible frustrations. But I have to say I don't use navigation, and I don't ride with my phone connected, and I have my sensors connected through ANT+.

  • In short:

    agree uploading good, auto downloading bad. downloading more successful when garmin connect is linked via phone. also for big files, like map updates, the only way is Express.

    More ramble

    (However, I have found that after a wired update, lots of things need re-setting on the unit; sometimes zones, sometimes segments go quirky, sometimes maps. aaaargh settles down after re-writing and doing some wireless bluetooth updates) wish garmin would talk to apple sometimes who seem to manage transition smoothly.

  • I agree concerning update. I normally have to re-set up my data fields after an upgrade. But this time I've had to spent 30 min to an hour restting all my screens and data field. Wish this could be fixed. Frustrating is not a strong enough word. 

  • You can save a lot of time by backing up your settings files so they can be restored if needed. See here:

  • OK, here's what I found out in regards to hooking up the Garmin Edge device to Garmin Express on your computer when setting up a "new" device. For some reason, I had to setup my Garmin Edge 830 on my laptop and discovered that when adding a new device, it also downloads the latest firmware update to the device automatically without any notice or warning. After it finally recognized my device and asked to install the latest update, I cancelled the notification and disconnected my device from my laptop. Then, my device started asking me to update to the latest firmware. I declined and went into the "About" section in the Edge device and saw the update version (9.75). My device had been running fine with 8.x. So, I didn't want to update. It has a nasty habit of running the GPS Firmware updates randomly and I don't think Garmin has ever fixed this issue. Anyway, I think to fix this, you'll need to do the following:

    1) Connect the Garmin device to the computer (Windows) using a USB data cable (not a charge cable).

    2) Once connected, you'll hear a sound from Windows and the File Explorer opens up to show the root folder of the Garmin device. If not, look for the Garmin device in File Explorer and open to see all the files and folders in the root folder (directory).

    3) Remove the following folders from the "Garmin" folder:

      - NewFiles

      - RemoteSW

    Now, if there is any downloaded Firmware that's downloaded onto the device, go to the root folder of the Garmin device and sort by date in descending order in the File Explorer. You'll see several files - 2 of those files are .XML and .fit. Leave those files alone. The XML file, if you look through it, the update files are actually listed in there. The following files are what I deleted from my device:

     - gmaptz.img

     - GUPDATE.gcd (large image file)

     - unl_bckp.bin

    After removing those 3 files from the Garmin device, I rebooted it and checked the "About" area in the device. No firmware update! You can probably edit the XML file to remove the firmware update so that the device doesn't check for the update when it powers up. The removal of the NewFiles and RemoteSW folder (and files within it) will supposedly stop the Garmin device from doing automatic GPS Firmware updates in the middle of the ride session. The NewFiles folder gets created again on bootup but it will be empty.