Intensity minutes - Edge + watch

Hi all! 

I'm new owner of Edge 830. Before that, I've used my FR935 for bike activities, and every ride increased my Intensity Minutes. Now I'm riding with Edge, without FR935 on my hand. In both cases I always use HR strap. Edge do not increase my Intensity Minutes. What's more - day HR timeline don't shows graph for bike activity. Of course in concrete ride I can see HR graph. On both devices I have Physio TrueUp set on.  Do you have similar behaviour or it's something wrong with my setup? Garmin can't help me... Disappointed

ps. e.g. recovery time from Edge, activity is visible on my FR935.

  • This is what it looks like when tracking an activity with Edge 830 and HRM wearing Fenix 5x on your wrist, just ON, not tracking. You also get IM. 

  • Did the same this morning. E830 paired with a HRM-Run, MARQ using its optical sensor. It makes all the sense in the world to detect intensity minutes using the world's most accurate optical sensor vs an out-of-date HR strap (sarcasm)

    I don't get it why Garmin wants to sell dedicated cycling computers- why not sell an accessory for the line of watches in the form of a small screen they can connect to that does absolutely nothing else? (sarcasm x2)

  • Please compare hr graph from here and from cycling activity. Should be very different...

  • So you need to be wearing the watch while riding to get intensity minutes? Am I understanding the testing above? My question would be is, how does this affect calorie tracking? If you are wearing the watch (not recording an activity) and the watch goes "hey look you are doing an activity we need to bump up how many calories you are burning" then you save the activity from your edge and it gives more calories burned.

  • I don't know about calories? Garmins solution to it all seems to be Physio TrueUp. It seem to work fine except from Training load and Training Status. 

    Right now for me:

    Edge 830: Training Status: Productive, Training Load: 754

    Fenix 5X: Training Status: Peaking, Training Load: 616

    All other values except these two are ok from my point of view. 

  • No intensity minutes at all from Edge cycling computers even when wearing a heart rate monitor and using a power meter. According to Garmin, there is a technical reason why Edge units don't record intensity minutes. 

    A massive oversight, I think.

  • What I know 100% sure - if you leave watch at home, you will not earn IM. In other cases I need to do longer test, min 10min of riding. 

    About calories - i found that if I use only Edge + HR strap it count my active calories. No watch required

  • So I wanted to close the loop here on my discussion and questions.  I received my new Fenix 5X the other day and have been monitoring my HR with it throughout the say.  Today I did a 3.5 hour fravel ride and tracked that with my Edge 830.  Based on the feedback in this thread, I wore my Fenix 5X but did NOT start an activity on the Fenix-simply wore it while riding and did nothing else.  I then started my edge 830 like I normally would for a ride, ride out 1:45 to a coffee shop, paused the Edge while I had an iced latte, then started it again to ride back to my car.  At my car, I saved the ride like normal. And it auto uploaded to GC (like normal).  I checked my GC account and saw it automatically sensed the activity and gave me IM for the ride-so it worked just fine and didn’t really use much battery on my F5X either.

    Here is the plot for the day showing my HR tracking.  BTW: the activity tracking recorded my HR using the F5X optical sensor and not the HR strap I was wearing-I know because my max HR from my edge showed 179, while the activity shows 182 (which I didn’t hit).  

    The dip in the middle of the plot is when I was stopped to drink my latte.

    Hope that helps answer questions?  Yeah, I too would like to just take my watch off and leave it in the car while I ride-but this works just fine now that I understand how to ise it, and doesn’t create duplicate activities, or drain the F5X battery excessively either-so all is food in my book.


  • Yes, it's correct, but your aerodynamic with watch is worse :)

  • I must be doing some thing wrong because this doesn't work for me, i did a 2 hour ride last night wearing my Fenix 5 but recording data using edge 830 using and HR strap and i got zero intensity minutes. i would like to get it to work though

    2 hours and 5 minutes on the bike