Intensity minutes - Edge + watch

Hi all! 

I'm new owner of Edge 830. Before that, I've used my FR935 for bike activities, and every ride increased my Intensity Minutes. Now I'm riding with Edge, without FR935 on my hand. In both cases I always use HR strap. Edge do not increase my Intensity Minutes. What's more - day HR timeline don't shows graph for bike activity. Of course in concrete ride I can see HR graph. On both devices I have Physio TrueUp set on.  Do you have similar behaviour or it's something wrong with my setup? Garmin can't help me... Disappointed

ps. e.g. recovery time from Edge, activity is visible on my FR935.

  • Hi!

    Same here with the Vivoactive 3 + Edge. I never found out what it could be. Have already checked all the settings ..

    I now keep the vivoactive on my wrist while cycling .. I'm curious what comes out of this!

  • Thanks for information. I'm trying to found solution or reason. I will inform if I will know more.

  • Edge devices do not have the Intensity Minutes (IM) feature and will not give you IM credit. You would have to wear the Forerunner 935 during your ride to receive credit.

  • Im surprised by this answer. I thought Edge devices would support IM feature. Why do they sync all the stuff and then don't support such a basic information?

  • This is a bit ridiculous. Stop making metrics that are not supported by all devices. I use a Fenix 5X for hiking, running and daily activities and an Edge 830 for cycling. Garmin connect mobile is filled with metrics getting half information. So just because I use my Edge to ride to work Connect says I'm behind on my intensity minute goal? Well that's not true, I rode my bike for 40 minutes.

  • Same here. I wear my Fenix 5 while cycling (but don't usually record the ride on it), and get the IM credit for these rides.

  • I too noticed this between an Edge 830 and Fenix 5X.  It irritates me that the metrics and badges are so unevenly biased towards running and not weighted appropriately for cycling.  I wish my cycling activites would at least credit my intensity minutes to actually show what *I* am doing overall.  

    Side note: if you look through some of the badges: you have to ride a full century in under 5 hours to get *4 points* yet some of the much easier running distances reward with 8 points and/or are also repeatable?!  Someone needs to give cyclists some credit with their efforts here.

    Sorry for the thread hijack!  

    Yes, you're not alone on noticing the lack of IM for cycling exercises-I want them recorded also.


  • There are badges for running 1 mile, 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon. There are cycling badges for 5 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles, 50 miles and 100 miles. Both the marathon and 100 mile badges are 8 points and repeatable. So roughly equivalent for the same number of points. Yes the cycling badges will take longer in duration, but the lower-impact nature of cycling means you can probably achieve the badges with less training. 

  • Thanks for answers. I found 2 interesting things. First - there is Physio TrueUp and TrueUp. And it's different.
    Second: I've made little test today. It was really short, but:
    1. FR935 on my hand, but it is OFF. Short ride with Edge. After synchronization - I can see HR on day timeline and it comes from Edge (I think because it's accurate)
    2. FR935 on my hand, but it is ON. Short ride with Edge. After synchronization - I can see HR on day timeline and it comes from FR (I think because it's not accurate)
    In both cases no IM tracked. Maybe because two activities was too short.
    So it looks like: 
    Watch ON, but stays at home - no HR entry in timeline - HR from Edge on acvtivity, HR from FR on timeline (means nothing, flat line)
    Watch ON, on hand - HR entry in timeline - HR from Edge on acvtivity, HR from FR on timeline (not accurate)
    Watch OFF - HR entry in timeline - HR from Edge on acvtivity, HR from Edge on timeline (accurate)
    Garmin. For me as IT engineer it looks like something underdeveloped. You have all data but you don't know how to properly prioritize it. 
    It's obvious if watch stays at home, and not meassure HR, and at the same time I have actvity with HR strap on other device, which data are most significant. 
    Please improve this function, for all Garmin users.
  • please also check my answer bellow in this post. 

    What is the technical reason for not implementing it like users expects?