Live segments

I can't get live segments to work on my Garmin 540. I've ensured Strava is selected on the garmin connect dashboard for segments, and I've starred some in Strava. When I ride a route created in Strava, or in Garmin Connect, it doesn't pick up any live segments. 

When I turn on my garmin, it shows segments in the segment explore screen, but if I go to this when I'm riding, it gives me a permanent wheel of doom. 

Is it me? or is it a bug?

I'm running 9.29 software version. 

  • If you are following a course then Strava segments will only work if the course is created in Strava and synced to Garmin Connect. The course must match the segments. If you look at the Strava course in Garmin Connect does it show the segment start/end points on the map?

  • Thanks for that reply. No, the segments don't show on Garmin Connect. I've just redrawn another one in Strava (I'm a premium subscriber) and it synced instantly into GC, but the segments aren't showing. The Strava map clearly shows that I have mapped it across the segments, and that those segments are starred on my Strava, but they're not showing at all in Garmin Connect on my laptop. (For example, here's a screenshot showing the first segment is "Quick, let's go shopping" and there's another screenshot showing that I've got that Strava segment starred). I've got Strava segments selected in the GC dashboard. Is there something else I should be doing?

  • This sounds like a Strava issue as it writes the data to Garmin Connect. I'm assuming the segments are not down hill as Strava will not use those in their integration with Garmin.

  • You’re right. They’re not downhill. 
    but none of the segments ever appear when I use segment explore on the Garmin. It just gives a permanent wheel going round and round and s blank screen. Surely that’s not a Strava map issue?

  • Are they private segments? or non-cycling segments?

    or have you set a goal on them?

  • Thanks for your perseverance! No, not private, or non-cycling. And not ones where I've set  a goal - do I need to? (and if so, is there a manual or something anywhere that I can find out how to do this stuff, rather than badgering you?!)

    It just seems odd that I'm not picking up any segments, anywhere.

    Is it relevant that, despite my Garmin showing my current location in the map screen, and despite it showing a load of close climbs in the Climb Explore screen, the Segment explore screen is completely blank, apart from a message saying "Unable to find GPS location"?

  • That is odd that it show that GPS message in the Segment Explore.

    If you select Training from the home page (Glances) do you see the following option "Strava Live Segments". If you select that do you see the segments you have stared in Strava?

  • Yes to both!

    And, since I’ve updated the maps and synced with Garmin Express (thanks to your help on the other thread!) I’m fairly sure I now have new options on that Live Segments page. Using the three dot menu I now get to a new set of options. I’ve now set Turn Guidance to On; and I’ve Enabled All. I’m seeing options I’ve not seen before and I’ll go out and test it all after work. Thanks. 

  • No luck with the test ride. When I set out, I was hopeful as the segment explore page was populated. But no segments showed up on my ride. When I checked the segment explore page during the ride it was blank. Just a wheel of doom constantly going round but not refreshing. It didn’t even say “unable to find his location” like it had previously. 
    Any further suggestions?

  • Same problem here. Did you find any solution?