Reboot Loop after loading specific .gpx file


I'm using Garmin Edge 540 with latest firmware v.9.26

The problem is that after loading a SPECIFIC .gpx route file the device goes in a Reboot Loop.

After the Reboot Loop starts there is almost NO enough time after the restart to go to the Garmin Edge menu and Delete the .gpx file causing the problem ...

The only way to delete the .gpx file and stop the Reboot Loop is to connect the device to the computer and delete it from there.

If you want to reproduce the problem please change the _ with a dot in the domain name, because the Forum automatically is blocking the message as a SPAM ... :)

The original .gpx track file is available from here: openrunner_com/route-details/14603830

I have generated completely from scratch a NEW route on the same way in ridewithgps_com/routes/42920051

I have imported both GPX tracks in Garmin Connect here:


and here:


But it does NOT matter if I import either of this 2 Route files from Garmin Connect or I place directly the .gpx file in the Garmin / NewFiles Folder the result is the same: if this route is uploaded the devices goes in a Reboot Loop ... :(

I have checked the .gpx file with a text editor and there is NO any problem with the .xml format.

On my device I had many other .gpx Routes imported from 50 km up to 1200 km and there is NO any problem like the described above ...

I have checked the debug files generated after the Reboot in GARMIN / Garmin / Debug

In err_log.bak you can find error like this:

"error_cause":"RTL Trap",
"Commit ID":"af8387a7ae86a4ec7dfb2f514553f0c7e9dee4d6",
"Time":"2023-5-17 10:33:47",
"RTL Error Number":"6E5D8024",
"Error Message":"00000000,00000018, .......

I have opened the GarminOS.dbg debug file but ... I can't find anything useful :) :) :)

Below you can find both files in order to debug them if you need to.



the GPX files: