Instant device REBOOT Loop after loading specific .gpx file


I'm using Garmin Edge 540 with latest firmware v.9.26

The problem is that after loading a SPECIFIC .gpx route file the device goes in a Reboot Loop.

After the Reboot Loop starts there is almost NO enough time after the restart to go to the Garmin Edge menu and Delete the .gpx file causing the problem ...

The only way to delete the .gpx file and stop the Reboot Loop is to connect the device to the computer and delete it from there.

The original .gpx track file is available from here:

I have generated completely from scratch a NEW route on the same way in

I have imported both GPX tracks in Garmin Connect here:

and here:

But it does NOT matter if I import either of this 2 Route files from Garmin Connect or I place directly the .gpx file in the Garmin / NewFiles Folder the result is the same: if this route is uploaded the devices goes in a Reboot Loop ... :(

I have checked the .gpx file with a text editor and there is NO any problem with the .xml format.

On my device I had many other .gpx Routes imported from 50 km up to 1200 km and there is NO any problem like the described above ...

I have checked the debug files generated after the Reboot in GARMIN / Garmin / Debug

In err_log.bak you can find error like this:

"error_cause":"RTL Trap",
"Commit ID":"af8387a7ae86a4ec7dfb2f514553f0c7e9dee4d6",
"Time":"2023-5-17 10:33:47",
"RTL Error Number":"6E5D8024",
"Error Message":"00000000,00000018, .......

I have opened the GarminOS.dbg debug file but ... I can't find anything useful :) :) :)

Below you can find both files in order to debug them if you need to.

  • The GPX files loaded onto a 530 without any problem, so they are not the cause. Check that you are not exceeding the maximum number of courses (100?) on your device.

  • I'm posting below my conversation with Clayton the Garmin Support and this email conversation HELPED me "fixing" the problem.

    Definitely there is a SERIOUS BUG in the Garmin Course Cache mechanism which had to be fixed!

    On 5/17/23 16:46, [email protected] wrote:

        Hello Lupo,
        Thanks for reaching out for support.

        I was able to export the .GPX course file from both your Garmin Connect course (#161555320 ) and the OpenRunner website and load it without issue by manually placing it in the Edge 540's NewFiles folder.

        If the course file does not load to your device and causes it to get stuck in a loop, the 540 is having some compatibility issue reading the data or the course file is being corrupted. I would recommend breaking this course up in to two smaller separate courses and test again to see if they can load to the device.

        You may also try to change the course's name in either RWGPS or Garmin Connect to see if the name of the file is causing the issue. When naming courses, keep in mind that most devices have a limit where they only look at the first 15 characters in the name of a course. If there are multiple courses where the first 15 characters are the same, the device will think they are the same course. To work around this limitation, make sure the names vary within the first 15 characters. You may need to change the course name in the website/tool where the course was created and/or manually rename the .GPX file.

        Additionally, there is quite a difference in elevation data between the OpenRunner course and your course in Garmin Connect. This is likely due to the differences in the source map data used by OpenRunner and Garmin Connect, and may have some impact as to why that .GPX file is causing issues.

        Please let me know if you have any questions.
        Thank you for choosing Garmin,

        Product Support


    Hello Clayton,

    thank you for your answer. It's very very strange that the files are loading OK in your Edge 540.

    Very strange indeed!

    Today I have made a lot of different tests with the GPX Track and made exactly you suggested, I have cut 5-6 km from the beginning of the GPX Track and after that everything with the GPX was OK, but if I try to extend it back a bit and the device starts to crash again.

    When I upload the problemous GPX file in my Garmin NewFiles folder, after that Garmin loads OK the operating system, during the next 3-4 minutest it is OK, but at background the operating system is loading the GPX file and adding it in the Cache.

    When this load reaches for example 50-60% the device crashes and reboot loop starts.

    I'm attaching to this email both files with difference between them only 5-6 km.

    From the name of the file you can see which one is loading OK and the second one crashes the device 4-5 minutes after the initial start.

    Best regards,



    Hello Lupo,
    I was able to load both of your new course files without issue as well. When I did this, I deleted all other course files from the Edge and loaded them one at a time, separately.

    Both courses were able to load but these course files are quite large and resulted in my Edge 540 loading and navigating much slower than usual. This tells us that the total number of courses or the amount of course data on your Edge 540 is likely related.

    As you have found, making the course file shorter or breaking it into multiple courses will improve loading times. If you frequently load multiple or long courses (longer than roughly 3-400km) to the Edge, I'd recommend deleting any unused (or all but one) course files to improve loading times and overall performance.

    If you import your courses into Garmin Connect, you can delete courses from the Edge 540 and send courses from the Connect app to your Edge via Bluetooth.
    See Uploading a Third-Party Course into Garmin Connect and Sending a Saved Course from Garmin Connect to a Garmin Device

    The quickest way to manage courses is to connect the Edge to a computer and manually delete/add files.

        To delete courses, delete the .FIT file(s) from the Courses folder.
        To manually load a course, add a .GPX, .TCX or .FIT file it to the NewFiles folder.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Thank you for choosing Garmin,

    Product Support


    Hello Clayton,

    YES! :) Your email helped me fixing the problem!

    "I was able to load both of your new course files without issue as well. When I did this, I deleted all other course files from the Edge and loaded them one at a time, separately."

    I did the same and the problemous .gpx file loaded with NO problems ... WOW!

    I'm attaching to my email the other 3 .gpx Courses I had already loaded in to the device BEFORE my problems with the problemous .gpx track file started.

    If it's possible CAN you try to reproduce the problem with your Edge 540 and to see what exactly is happening .... probably to send a Bug report to the Garmin developer crew i order to fix this issue.

    Because definitely there is a problem! And the crashes at some setup.

    I had in my Garmin Edge 540 this 3 other routes already loaded, I had send all of the courses from Garmin Connect:

    1. Devetaki Coffee 50 permanent populaire

    2. Trip to Prague 2023 LRM

    3. Dozen Monasteries trail SR600

    I had ONLY this Courses ALREADY loaded in my Garmin Edge 540. When I checked each course by selecting the course on my Garmin and from the 3 dots menu above right I checked that all 3 was already in "Route Calculation: Cached" state.

    AFTER that I send the problemous Course from Garmin Connect:

    4. BWN 1000 ALL

    Check the status if it's loaded in to the Cache already or not by selecting the Course and from the 3 dots menu above right "Route Calculation Not Cached" - check the images attached to this email.

    At this moment the device is loading the new Course in to the Cache AND when it reaches around 50-80% the device CRASHES and Reboot Loop starts!

    The only way to fix the Reboot Loop is to go fast in to the Courses menu and to Delete the last problemous Course.

    I reproduced the problem again right now following the steps above.

    The most scary thing was that yesterday if I loaded this much shorter Course:

    BWN 1000 1

    The device goes in to a FAST REBOOT LOOP and you are NOT able to delete the problemous Course from the Garmin 540 menu ...

    WHAT we are going to do in such a FAST REBOOT LOOP on the track on a long brevet somewhere in the middle of nowhere far away from a computer??? :)

    Actually on a 5-th of March this year I had THE SAME GPX Track Reboot problem but with my old Garmin Edge 530 on a 400 km brevet ...

    You can read the story if you are interested with Google translate here:бревет-резово-400-пътепис

    It's a long Travelogue and I haven't translated it in English for the English version of my Blog yet ...

    BUT I had already few good Garmin related articles and Reviews translated in English in my English version of the Downshifter Blog here:

    Clayton, there is a serious BUG in the OS and the Course Cache mechanism.

    Please if you CAN escalate this BUG report to the Garmin OS Developers crew in order this BUG to be fixed.


    P.S. I'm going to write a detailed description of this Bug and the Help from you in order to "fix" it for my Blog soon.

    This way the Information will be available to all other peoples saving them TIME if they got the same problem.

    Yesterday It took me almost 1 day in different tests route cutting and experimenting with different tracks and etc ... :)

    Best regards,
  • Hello Clayton,

    Last IMPORTANT update of the problem after the update few hours ago! :)

    Yesterday I asked a colleague with Garmin Edge 1030 Plus to load the track and he had the same problem like me - restart loop, BUT another colleagues with Garmin 1030 haven't the problem ...

    The common thing between my old Garmin Edge 530, the new 540 and the restarting 1030 Plus of my colleague is also that we are using specific CUSTOM Map specially for Garmin:  BGMountains


    this file: bgmountains_org/bg/maps/garmin-maps/category/9-bgmountains?download=5:bgmountains-cyr-img

    After I removed the BGMountains Map I think that I finally fixed all this problems with the restarts ...

    Best regards,