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New Edge 540 Series Version 9.26 Now Available

Firmware version 9.26 for the Edge 540 Series is now available. This update can be downloaded through Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile when available.

This is now Live (100%) as of 5/12/23.

Changes made from version 9.09 to 9.26:

  • ClimbPro
    • Fixed projection onto roads of uncertain surface type.
    • Unified ClimbPro detection and map drawing settings.
    • Fixed updating the elevation profile when switching climbs.
  • Added solar gain notification upon device wake up.
  • Fixed Distance to Destination and Destination Location for indoor rides.
  • Fixed the main menu scrolling to the bottom after an activity.
  • Fixed manual DEM altimeter calibration.
  • Fixed data field editing.
  • Fixed button access to scheduled workout in Training Plan.
  • Fixed grade remaining for ClimbPro.
  • Added solar gain notification on device wake up.
  • Fixed cursor disappearing on home screen.
  • Fixed issue with climb pro graph.
  • Fixed various bugs and improved stability.