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Bluetooth connection with sensors

My new 540 doesn't have "search for bluetooth sensors". It's a function I need because ANT+ has some drops during my activities and doesn't happen with blue connection(same issue with forerunner945/955)

  • If the sensors are Garmin sensors then you can toggle them from ANT to BLE inside the sensors details after pairing.

    If they are non-Garmin sensors. Then do a search and don't select anything returned. I think it then offers a more button that will then search for BLE.

  • thanks aweatherall.

    When Garmin is searching...ANT+ appears and...nothing more happens. BLE is ON, other connections are OFF. Other BLE sensors work fine(connected from FR955 sensors, moved with Garmin connect). It was a good function, I don't understand why Garmin remove "search BLE sensors"...

  • So for Garmin sensors that support both ANT\BLE the Edge now creates just one pairing that you can then switch protocols on. It will offer the device over ANT as typically that protocol is functionality richer and is the recommend choice from Garmin.

    So if you want to use the BLE rather than ANT for those Garmin sensors you would open after the sensor while in communication with the sensor and switch the protocol. 

    For non-Garmin sensors let me find one and see what the interface does.

  • On the 840 you get a show more which then gives you the BLE option. Let me see what the 540 does

  • The 540 has a simple toggle button that changes the search from ANT to BLE


  • HI and thx again for your reply. The key is, in my edge 540, the button "show bluetooth sensors" doesn't appear! And I don't know why, so I thought Garmin removes it. So now I have to understand why this happens to my Garmin.

  • Is the unit upgraded to build 9.09 or higher?

  • 9.09 of course. I'm afraid of moving sensors from 955 via Garmin Connect made confusion, but ANT+ searching works!. Could it be a bug?

  • Are the sensors you looking for Garmin sensors, and if so are they already paired to the Edge.

    If the answer to both questions is yes then it will not show you those sensors as BLE as they are already paired over ANT.

    You would need to go down into the sensor details and switch the protocol from ANT and BLE.

    Is there a reason you want to use BLE instead of ANT?

  • I have Scosche hr sensor. With ANT+ there are some breaks. Using bluetooth it works great. Sensor details works only for Garmin sensors, I know.

    I have the same problem with forerunner 955. I try pairing bluetooth but this option disappears in the watch too. Bluetooth connection works only with sensor paired some months ago. Now it's impossible for me, only ANT+. I tried searching hr sensors and "search all" too.