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  • I'm thinking low interest in the 540 with buttons on the 840 as well as touch.  Best of both worlds.  As a 530 owner I think I'd be lured to the dark side of touch screen since it still has buttons too!

  • And only 16 gb memory while for example the new full Europe cycle maps with the additional new climpPro maps (for using ClimbPro in free ride modus) have 19,2 gb is also a dealbreakers for a lot of people (although normally > 90% don’t use/need the full Europe map).

  • I use the 5xx series for indoor use and prefer not to have the touchscreen for this which is why I bought the 540.

    if this purchase would have been for my main outdoor device I would have preferred the touch screen but I also have the 1040 as it has bigger screen.  For this reason I don’t see the point in the 8xx series myself.

  • Everyone has their reasons.  Yours are certainly valid for you.  For myself, with almost exclusively mtb riding, the 840 is more appealing than the 1040 because I don't think I want something that large (and more expensive) for mtb.  I was hoping the 840 would end up with just a bit larger screen than the 530/830, but in about the same form factor it currently has.  Have the screen fill more of what currently exists as just borders.

  • Hello?

    Are you referring to "Windows Hello," the Microsoft biometric feature? If so, I doubt this will be coming to the Edge Series any time soon.