Recalculate TSS (HR Auto-Detect Error)

Hello All - I have an EDGE 530, and for some reason it came up at the end of one of my rides and "auto-detected" a new max HR of 248 bpm. I thought I hit the correct button to try not to accept this error, but when I did my next ride my TSS was calculated incorrectly along with all the HR Zone data, etc.. Everything was Zone 1/2.

I believe that the HR Zone and TSS calculation is resident on the 530. Is there a way to get it to recalculate a result now that I've fixed the HR zones?

I pulled up the "time in zone" screen for the activity with the error and tried holding all the buttons one at a time. I was really hoping it was something that easy to ask it to recalculate. Or it would ask me... "You've been holding the enter button for a while... would you like to recalculate this?"

Any advice here would be appreciated.
I know I can always export to Training Peaks... but Garmin if you're listening... if the solution is always... "go see Training Peaks" that isn't good.


  • Well tss was created and owned by TP so that is what it is and doubt you will recalculate. 

  • no, there is no way on Garmin side, but would be a nice feature for the future!

    anyway, in Training Peaks you can recalculate every workout (but only in Training Peaks himself)), when you adapt your Zone settings there, thats really fine, but you can't reimport it to Garmin Connect, because the wrong calculation was done on your Edge with wrong Zone settings, same for Training Load, vo2max, recovery time, etc.!

  • TSS and other metrics are calculated on saving, there really isn't a method of editing this in Garmin Connect. 

    Proably safer to turn autodetect off. And if you are going to edit HR zones, it is best to do this in Garmin Connect and sync it to device rather than directly entering into the device.