Uploads and downloads, how are they triggered

The edge download (workouts) and uploads (rides) seem to be at random. I often try to either disable wifi, or the phone, restart power out, restart connect app in all possible combinations until something happens. This takes me 15 minutes and it is annoying. I can't find any logic in it so far.

Anybody have a clue how to improve this?

I used to be a very happy Garmin user with the edge 705. Now I have a vivoactive 3 music watch (stair counting and vibrations just do not work, altimeter is useless to record a ride with) and the edge 530 also seems to be unreliable (sensor connectivity, and the upload/download functions are hopeless).

the other thing is that Garmin themselves do not help you with the support. You get a reference to a page in the manual (remotely related) and that's it. This forum is the best help you can get....

What are you doing Garmin?!