Performance Information Inputs

Hi.  Many of my rides currently are happening indoors, on a trainer, primarily using TrainerRoad.  I still run my 530 at the same time, because I was thinking that the unit provides more accurate performance information, the more data it is provided.  HOWEVER, at the completion of a ride on TrainerRoad I will now have two entries onto places such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, and GarminConnect.  I have been deleting the second identical workout in each of these places (I don't think there's a "fix" for that issue), however, I was curious about what information the 530 takes into account when it is developing performance information such as TrainingLoad.  Is it using any entry that is made in GarminConnect (e.g., if I went for a run yesterday, and that run data is in GarminConnect, will the 530 take that into account when it's telling me about TrainingLoad, workout effectiveness, recovery etc.?)  Are my inputs being "doubled up" when I temporarily have a double entry in GarminConnect?


  • Things like training load& recovery are calculated by the device the activity is recorded on.  It is not calculated on activities from other sources loaded onto Garmin Connect.

    You stats are not being doubled up by the duplicate ride from Trainerroad.  You can stop Trainerroad uploading the ride to Garmin Connect so you don't double up.