Screen protector - Tempered glass

Just want to report i've installed a tempered glass screen protector for my 530 and it  looks amazing. Avoid the normal plastic screen protectors and go for the tempered glass. There's hardly any loss of  sharpness/resolution with the tempered glass. 

  • I have the (2 Pack) Supershieldz for Garmin Edge 530 and Edge 830 Tempered Glass Screen Protector that I purchased from an online behemoth, I like this protector quite a bit. It was easy to apply and is large enough that the edges sit just under the Garmin rubber bumper case.

    I agree that the tempered glass are much nicer than the plastic ones, I had a plastic protector on my Edge 800 and they would get scratched up and foggy within months of installation.  It's too early to say for sure how long the Supershieldz will last, but I have high hopes based on my experience with tempered glass protectors on mobile phones.