Change Virtual Partner 100%

I've saved a Course from a previous ride.  Next ride I want to ride against the Virtual Partner which is easy to do.  The top of the Virtual Partner screen shows 100%, meaning it is measuring against the saved Course performance at 100%.  Let's say I want to push it a little faster or take it a little slower, I'd like to change that 100% to maybe 95% or 105%.  I can't find a way to do that.

If you are not racing a Course, instead just riding, you can change the speed of the Virtual Partner from the VP screen by pressing the upper right button then using Virtual Partner Speed option.  I would expect a similar thing when racing against a Course, but when the upper right button is pressed, there is no equivalent option to change the 100% to something else.

Does anyone know how to change the pace of the Virtual Partner against previous Course to something besides 100%?