Turning of turn by turn navigation on a Course

Anyone know if you can turn off turn by turn navigation on a saved course? I find it really annoying that it pops up with the map, when on a climb, with ClimbPro running. UK roads and climbs have all sorts of roads branching off and changes in road names. I know you can press a button to remove the map, when it pops up but that is not easy when in mid climb, Vo2Max.

  • In the Activity Profile settings you can go to Navigation -> Map -> Guide Text -> Never Display

    There is also Menu -> Navigation -> Courses -> Course Options -> Turn Guidance which can be set to off, but I have found the 530 seems to ignore this selection as it presents the turn guidance anyway, even when this is off.

    EDIT: I've done some testing and have more insight.  Instead of editing this response in the middle of the string I'll add a new reply below

  • If you follow a course that you already know and set it mostly to get ClimbPro and other metrics, then just use the course but turn off TBT in the Saved Course list page, the 3bar icon at the bottom. Put the TBT slider to Off. Then the course loads, metrics are computed, ClimbPro should work but you won't get any TBT prompts.

    That's actually how I use courses most of the time.

  • I've done some testing to fully understand the interaction of the settings.  I wanted to better understand this for myself as well so this discussion was good to do the experimenting.  Here is what I found.

    There are 3 settings involved in TBT when navigating on a course.  

    1) Turn Guidance setting - This setting found at Find a Course -> Course Options -> Turn Guidance controls whether TBT will be enabled period.  The on/off choice must be set BEFORE selecting a course to ride.  If  this setting is enabled when you instruct the 530 to ride a course, TBT info is established in the navigation session and it CAN'T be disabled once you've started the course.  If this setting is disabled when you instruct the 530 to ride a course, TBT info is not included in the navigation and it CAN'T be enabled once you've started the course.  If you want to change this setting once you've started a course, you must stop the course, change this setting, then start the course again.  You can't even get to this setting once a course is started.  This setting is remembered and will remain the same through power cycles of the 530.  So if you never want TBT, just disable this setting and you'll never see them.  Change it before starting a course if you want a different choice on TBT than was set in your previous ride.  

    2) Navigation Prompts - This setting controls what kind of navigation prompts (TBT) you get if you have TBT enabled when you started a course.  It is found in Activity Profile -> Navigation -> Navigation Prompts. You can therefore see that it can be set uniquely for each activity profile.  Choices are Text Only or Map.  When set at Text Only, the TBT will be presented at the bottom of the current screen when a turn is approaching.  When set to Map, the 530 will jump to the map screen whenever a turn is approaching.  After you've completed the turn the 530 will return to the page you were on automatically.  This setting is changeable during a ride.  I noticed a defect in my testing - when set to Map such that the map comes up as a turn approaches, the distance to the turn does not count down as you approach the turn.  I'll have to play with this more to see if the problem repeats, but I don't like having the Map come up so I don't particularly care much as I'll leave this set to Text Only.  Keep in mind, if the setting in #1 above is disabled, this setting has no meaning as there are no TBT prompts.

    3 - Guide Text - This setting controls how Guide Text is displayed on the top of the Map page.  It is found at Activity Profile -> Navigation -> Map -> Guide Text.  You can choose When Navigating, Always Display, or Never Display.  This ONLY controls TBT in the Map page, even if this is set to Never Display, if TBT is enabled in #1 above, TBT will be shown at the bottom of all other screens as a turn approaches.

    OK, lots of info, but it's needed to fully understand what Garmin has failed to adequately describe.  There are enough settings that interplay together, one needs to get this level of detail to understand how to make the 530 do what you want.  I hope this helps.

  • Thanks for researching this so thoroughly. I was having problems understanding the settings on my 830, and as you say, the Garmin documentation is significantly short in this area!

  • On my old 520, (not the Plus), I can set Turn Guidence to OFF and if I load a TCX course I will still get bottom of screen (non map page) or Guide Text (on map page) prompts with turn short name, direction symbol and countdown all from the TCX course point entries. Because it does not need to do any "calculating" the course starts without any delay and I can control the prompts by adding / deleting cue entries when I create the course.

    Can the 530 do his as well?

  • That's awesome information, many thanks.  I've just had my first long ride using the 530 with a route selected, and after the map page cycled through, there was another page that appeared every time which was a list of turns coming up ...... I've no idea where that appears from, I see it referred to in any documentation, nor in any online discussion.  Have you any idea whats going on there?

  • That page lists all the course points that are in the file. These are independent of the Edge generated TBT instructions. 

  • Jumping in here: Does anybody know whether I can disable the course points page? It contains - in my case - Strava segments and I rarely have any news for this information during the ride. 

  • Only by disabling segment execution within a course