How can I raise the resistance on an Elite Tuo trainer with Garmin Edge 130 plus?

I am using the Elite Tuo trainer with Garmin workouts loaded to my Edge 130 plus.  The problem is that the speed can be very high. Today it went to near 60 km/h at one point.  I would like the resistance on the trainer to be higher so that I can hit the same power targets at lower speeds. This will avoid the need for very high cadence at high powers, will be less noisy and may reduce tyre wear (not 100% sure about the latter).

I did try setting the resistance using the Elite myETraining Android app on my phone, but I am concerned that having two devices controlling the trainer might have caused inconsistent power numbers. Not 100% sure about this.

Is there a way to do the same power intervals at lower speed entirely from Garmin without using myETraining?