Huge font data fields from ConnectIQ trouble

Hey, everybody,

Has anyone encountered the problem of running "full screen" ConnectIQ plugins on Edge130+?

I need to display a single parameter (current speed) on the Edge130+.
In my opinion the onlyOne and onlyOneR data fields from iNDEX3 fit best.

But there is a problem-E130+ does NOT play them, although in ConnectIQ compatibility of onlyOne and onlyOneR with Edge130+ is declared.
It seems to me that the problem is in the "full screen" ("No Fields") mode, which cannot be selected when setting data fields independently. This mode is used, for example, by the "Compass" data field.

When selecting "Custom Data" / "Choose Layout" full screen field "Field 1" and then adding onlyOne and onlyOneR to it, the selected readings are not displayed on the screen, instead of numbers in the center of the screen the IQ logo is displayed.