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Climb Detection Settings missing from Edge 130+

The Edge 130+ has Climb Pro, as advertised, but it appears that this hardware is missing the menu to change the default climb score.

I frequently come across these directions:

"The ClimbPro feature analyzes the course and identifies climbs based on the following criteria:

  • A climb must be a minimum of 500 meters in length.

  • The average gradient must be a minimum of 3%.

  • The climb distance (in meters) multiplied by the average gradient (%) must:

    • Be greater than 1500 if climb detection is set to Show All Climbs.

    • Be greater than 3500 if climb detection is set to Medium-Large Climbs (default setting).

    • Be greater than 8000 if climb detection is set to Only Large Climbs."

But there is no 'Activity Profiles' menu nor is there a 'Climb Detection' menu on this device. I want to change this value to 'Show All Climbs'.

Thank you.