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Ride "stops" at 50 miles. Why?

On a 56 mile ride last Tuesday, my Edge 130 Plus stopped recording data at exactly 50 miles and put "Ride in Progress" on the screen thereafter.  I couldn't view cadence, speed, duration, length, etc. from the typical screens.

I didn't touch anything to make it stop recording.  Any idea what happened or how to fix it?

I'm doing 110 miles in October and definitely want the "century ride" to be recorded as such ;)

  • My 3 - 130+'s (new, warranty replacement and stupid user replacement) have been doing this ever since new.  Customer Service has been no help.  I've determined through careful observation that the head unit randomly just 'feels' like crashing the os and rebooting.  It has no relation to time, speed,  location or weather conditions.  You can 'sort of' recover from the Ride in Progress screen by pressing the start button (bottom right) and the normal screen will reappear.  However you will lose any data that occurred between the crash and your pressing the button.  With quick reactions I've limited the loss to about 1/4 mile but have also lost almost 10 by not paying attention. The elevation data will NOT recover.  If you open the graphic of the ride in Connect will see a straight line connecting the 2 points (crash and recovery)  Others have reported success by turning off auto pause and auto power off.  I haven't been so lucky.  Maybe you will be. Ain't technology grand?