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Navigation missing turns

I have an edge 130 plus and use the courses/ navigation feature regularly.  In every course I've created the device fails to recognize about 40% of the turns.  As in, I get to a 4 way intersection where I'm supposed to turn right and the "distance to next" still displays some distance, and there's no warning that there's a turn until I go straight through the intersection and the device tells me I'm off course.  It happens on every single ride, seemingly randomly.  It'll miss one or two turns in a row, then correctly identify one, then go back to missing them.  I mostly create courses using Strava and push them to Garmin connect, but also create them with Garmin connect directly.  This issue has happened all over the US and in Europe.

Garmin support was pretty mystified and asked me to send them pictures of the issue happening (what exactly they were looking for I'm not sure, the device NOT doing anything?) 

Has anyone else encountered this issue, or know how garmin flags turns?  I'm pretty sick of constantly having to turn around to get back to a missed turn...

  • I personally don't rely much on turn notifications, but rather look at the map (zoomed in) to determine when and where to turn. I still keep turn notifications on because they are useful in case of course overlaps, or simply as a reminder. There is no way to control when a turn notification is displayed: Garmin has its own algorithm which - I guess - is based on turn radius and possibly other parameters.

    When I design courses and there are turns that might not be so obvious, I try to exaggerate them. For example, if the trail splits like a "Y" and my course needs to stay on the left, instead of a diagonal line that barely deviates I put a more decisive left turn at the split. I design my courses in JOSM as GPX tracks and then import them into Connect. JOSM has a steep learning curve, but it's also very powerful, and gives you precise control at the trackpoint level.

    Having said all this, if your Edge is missing obvious turns (like 90 degrees), then there might something wrong with it. If it happens, try and take a photo of the device right when it shows you off-course, remember where it happened, and give Garmin Support all the possible info: an export of your course, GPS coordinates where the issue occurred, photo of the device going off-course.

  • Hi

    I have exactly the same issue om mine and I cannot figure out why. Happens with both routes created manually and once converted from a ride.

    I thought maybe it had to do with missing points or similar but that does not seem to be the case.

  • @Vukk , sounds like exactly what I'm experiencing.  I did notice that if I cleared all the saved activities on the edge it improved the navigation performance, but it still misses turns regularly.  I ended up getting in touch with Garmin support and sending them pictures, descriptions, and course exports.  They couldn't figure out what was wrong so they had me send in my edge and sent me a new (refurbished) one.  The new one has the same issue, but my track record with garmins is that they last ~2 years before something stops working, so at least this will hopefully extend out the time until I have to buy a new one. 

    I think in the last 12 years I've had 7 garmin watches and 4 different edge units.  If they allowed you to mass export your activities out of connect I think I'd have switched to Wahoo by now, and even if I can't get everything transferred over I still might make the jump.

  • Hi, my first post and yes I have the same issue. I have sorthave found a fix for it thoughnot perfect. I upload the route the the device and leave it a few minutes or more, start the ride and a few minutes in I pause the unit with the arrow button while still riding for a minute then un pause and seems to give it a kick and it starts, though sometime I have to turn it off and then back on while still moving. I work in IT - if this is like anything else the ALL of the data in the unit is in a database and may be getting scrambled. I have even seen it give turns 180 degrees wrong direction like reversed routing. Apart from that it's never missed a beat. Keep spinning out there !!

  • It happens for me since I bought it one year ago. It never shows me when to turn left or right. It only does a beep when I am off course. I don't no how to fix it. Any suggestions? 

  • I have same problem. I solve it with setting type of course as other, where is possible to manualy set turn notifications. But, problem is, when I want to back to back on previous course, then turns not work :(

  • Try to upload the route from garmin connect, then synchronize the smartphone with the edge. It works for me.

    If I do it uploading the gpx file direct to the edge with a USB cable, it doesn't work. 

  • I only use Garmin Connect, form me is news, that it can be uploaded with USB :)