New Edge 1040 sync all former activities


I purchased a new Garmin Edge 1040 and synced it with my account. I saw though that my old activities are not synced and only the new ones are shown. At least the ones I did with the Edge 1040.

Any Idea how I can fic that?

  • Even if copying old FIT files into the \Garmin\Activities folder worked, I wouldn't recommend it. The FIT files store unique parameters that uniquely identify the Edge 1040 and its owner.
    For example:

    • File: Id, type, manufacturer, product, serial number, time created
    • Sport: sport, subsport
    • File Creator: software version
    • Device Info: the devices paired at the time of the activity with index, type, manufacturer, serial number, product, software version etc.
    • User Profile: gender, height(m), weight(kg), language etc.
    • ... and so forth ...

    It is conceivable that the Edge will skid Wink

    Servus peggatsch

  • Thanks Peggatsch, I see so the sync is not really syncing all files. I agree that it makes no sense to copy paste the FIT file.
    Thans for you answer