Connect route planner climb issues

Hey all, I am trying to plan a cycle route which incorporates 3 climbs which show on garmin connects route planner map, now when I include these climbs on the route they show but then when I try and close the loop (route) only 1 climb shows. 

I have sent the course to my edge 1040 and indeed it is only showing 1 climb on the course.

Has anyone else had this issue, what other route planners do you use which has better support for climb pro or how did you fix this issue.

I have included a link for the screenshot of the route. ---> Screenshot

Many thanks 

  • a link to the Course would be helpful & and what are the settings for climbs on your Edge/Climb pro... And by the way , the picture only shows one climb ( grenn one) ... and based on the same picturee there isn't that much reel climbing involved.

    Climb categories are determined by climb score, which is calculated using the grade multiplied by the length of the climb. A climb must have a length of at least 500 meters and an average grade of at least 3 percent to be considered a climb.

    EDIT:  I've recreated your course, and looket at what you belive are climbs, but only the one at Elton meets the criteria .