Is it too much to ask to get complete instructions for our umpteen hundred dollar purchase??? I hate wasting time surfing the web for youtube to do the job Garmin doesn't care to do for the customer, & regretting my nav computer choice already.

My question is not rhetorical.

  • It's very superficial and far from complete.  You're left to experiment, try things, and hopefully figure it out for yourself.  Seems many things are like that anymore. 

  • I agree with lloigi. Each subject gives you enough to get going, but when you need more info it's not there. My issue is that there is plenty of info for more advanced subjects, but navigating the unit while riding could be better. Basically, simple instructions for screen navigation are poor. Manual doesn`t do a good job with stepping through screen levels and easy ways to get back to where you started. My handheld GPSMAP 60CSx was that last Garmin I purchased that had a well written user manual. It walks you through each screen level from top to bottom and back to top of page without wondering how to get back to the start page. Examples is starting the going for a ride. It should start out with road, mtb, indoor. Now this is where they could have walked the user through all the levels of data the selection offers. The manual just falls short with this info. They give a little taste, but you now have to figure out what the category has to offer. Just not a user friendly manual in my opinion.

  • Just return it and get a Wahoo or Karoo (prob even more complexWink). Don't get why you want to take the effort to get onto the forums and complain about it. You don't like it, get rid of it. Easy as that. 

  • so why are you doing the same here?

    do you understand the concept of a forum.

  • He's not asking for an explanation of the device (what you do on forums), but he's complaining that he thinks the manual isn't complete enough for him, or that it's too hard. I found the manuals fine tbh. Gives me enough pointers to start with , and I like to figure the device out myself. In such a way I get a better understanding on how it actually works. Especially with these devices that are changing every month (new features, fixed bugs so current features might work differently, etc) it's good practice to fiddle with the device, and actually understand how it works. 
    As I said before, if you want a simple device, get a Wahoo. If you want something that you can customise to your exact wishes, with features and data screens the devs didn't even think about: get a Garmin. 

    Garmin has never been a device which pretends it's easy to use, it's for someone who wants to get the most data right at their fingertips.