Build 21.09

What new features are in this version and has the issue been fixed where the device would freeze when unplugged from charger or pc ?

  • This is from the beta forum

    Change Log 21.09

    • Fixed glance refresh issues on the main page
    • Added lap ascent and descent data fields
    • Fixed solar graph display on post-ride highlights page
    • Fixed courses with special characters not loading properly
    • Fixed connectivity of Polar Verity Sense
    • Fixed an issue with GroupRide course downloads
    • Fixed issue where lock on road setting was not being honored
    • Fixed issue where true up activities could not be deleted
    • Fixed frequent disconnect issues with certain smartphones
    • Fixed issue where battery would drain excessively during suspend
    • Fixed RTS data screen layout editing

    There may also be additional changes. For example the Climb Detection selector has changed from small, medium large to now use categorized climbs.

  • I guess my understanding of a version change log (educated by about 50 years in IT industry) is different to Garmins? Looking at the items I originally thought 21.09 was a near term release candidate to resolve a lot of issues likely introduced in 20.19. The change to climbpro you highlight I would have thought counts as more than a minor cosmetic update and would have been specifically called out unless it’s a mistake like the gravel road change in 20.04. Not confidence inspiring with regard to Garmin being actually in control of its software roadmap? But hopefully I am wrong as I have sunk a lot of money into my 1040 and would like it to work well for the next 5 years.

    ps does the blue circle at “uncategorised” indicate it and every thing harder is selected or only it,  as it says “select categories” not a “category” I assume more that one is selectable , it’s a different UI style to that in the current software. I had disabled beta enrolment as I spent way too much time in 20.x betas & earlier, I think I want to sit this one out unless they can tempt me with something a be more meaty.

  • One gets the impression that they are so in love with some of the features they have created that they forget everything else.

    And they couldn't care less about the wishes of users that are often mentioned. For example, the wish of many users for a larger cursor triangle (vehicle pointer) that can be changed in color.

    Or the desire to revise the algorithm for altitude change and grade display in order to achieve a faster response.

  • The selection is the level you have chosen and everything above. You will see the connector line is removed based on the selection.

  • The UI is an improvement but I presume this approach requires the 9GB of additional files identifying and classifying the climbs, the previous small, medium, large probably only needed the ascent number already available from the course / DEM file

  • Free riding detection is based on the routable map and DEM data so does not need the climb databases. The climb databases are used for finding a climb via the climb explore and marking their locations on the map with a mountain icon. If you don't wnat these latter features then you don't need the database files.

  • Is there a manual update file available? I'm on 20.19 and it just does not update via wi-fi :( 

  • you must be a beta member to get it via wifi/bt. opt-in or ask the update file in the beta section, maybe somebody has it downloaded and shares it.